Amarakosam (Telugu) Hardcover – by Amara The Amarakosha Is A Thesaurus Of Sanskrit Written By The Ancient Indian Scholar Amarasimha. of Amarakosha” National Book Stall, Kottayam. 8. TELUGU TO SANSKRIT MACHINE TRANSLATION SYSTEM-AN HYBRID APPROACH. Liṅgayyasūrin explains the derivations and meanings of amara-words. He also gives the Telugu equivalent words in his commentary. His commentary was well .

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Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Contains the second and third Kanda-s. Simple but effective are his explanations in general; e. Contains the first Kanda incomplete as the last fo. Where the text gives sukard for a docile cow sydd acandi tu sukard, Malli. Some of the Telugu equivalents may be archaic and sound strange to modern ears. When a word has a meaning which is not directly con- nected with its derivation, it is called rudha?

This included collecting a list of words which were either rarely used or had fallen into disuse, which Amara did not mention. The ant [pipilikd is mentioned in the section on fern, nouns in the Lingadisamgrahavarga III.


The profundity of his scholarship may be guaged by his close acquaintance with such works as the Samgitamakaranda of Narada the grammatical comm, of Kaiyata, the Jaina work Dharmasamabhyudaya, the Buddhist poem Karpi[pphi ndhhyudaya and a thorough mastery of the panca-mahdkdvya-s.


Bi, Da, Kg, W 2. Similarly vanita begging, etc. MI 1 Ai omits. As he says at the end of the second Kanda, when certain words are given in the text in a gender that is well known, the forms in other genders can be easily made out, and it is un- necessary to increase the bulk of the volume by their separate inclusion. Second Kanda with Telugu comm.

amarakosha related Sanskrit Documents in Telugu script

There is hardly any Sanskrit scholar worth the name who is not acquainted with some line or other of this kosa. In the Brahmavarga of the second Kanda he says ; I pp.

Extra leaves found for pp.

These alterations and addi- tions have been noted from time to time in various lexicons after Amara, such as the Vaijayanti, Visvaprakdsa and Abhidhdna- ratnamdld. Rajah dust is well known to be a sakdrdnta word and is taken as such by teluu principal commentators. A, Bi, Kg, Wi. D2, K2, Kg; Kg.

Namalinganu Shasanamu-Amara Kosha of Amara Simha (Telugu) by T Tevapperumallaiah

This article needs additional citations for verification. Bulk discount in shipping available. He might have been thus affectionately addressed by his friends or more probably it is a scribal error. Here, Surin gives a full description: As some lexicons like the Ratnakosa take this word as neuter in gender he says: Dg, I, K, Wi. The milk-hedge plant is variously named sihunda, simhunda and sihunda.


June Learn how and when to remove this template message. When you sign up for a specific newsletter, we www. The word pkanijjaka citron treeSurin says, has been adopted from the vernacular, phanijjakasabdo desyak p. Similarly in the text sutrdni nari tantavah, the word nari may sound somewhat puzzling to young students and hence he gives a clear explanation of the word, p.

Begins with osadhyo jatimdtre syuh.

The use of slesa paronomasia or double entendre by well- established authors is utilized by Malli. Ba, Da, I, Kj, Wa.

II 1 Ja, Ptg. Ks, Ka give Idja Idji bharjane p.

Hz fiq q 55qRRIfcq5rq? Full of scribal errors. The tame explanation of simhanada by other commentators is that it is a war-cry of soldiers re- sembling the roar of a lion. Vaisravam Kubera has grammatical pecuHarity: I QTTO 3 [: