Ana Andrejevna Ahmatova je bila znamenita ruska pesnikinja, kritičar i Pesme je objavljivala pod pseudonimom Ahmatova (tatarsko prezime. Dobro došli! Na prelepoj poeziji vas očekuje: srpski pesnici, strani pesnici, ljubavna poezija, rodoljubiva poezija, dečija poezija, misli velikana, kvizovi. Transcript of АANA AHMATOVA. AKMEIZAM je pravac Pesme piše već od godine, a prvu zbirku će štampati Pre toga, , stupa.

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Her last volume of new work.

Ana Ahmatova

Seventeen months I’ve pleaded for you to come home. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. She was becoming a representative of both the Soviet Union and Tsarist Russia, more popular in the s than she had ever been before the revolution, this reputation only continuing to grow after her death.

The work in Russian finally appeared in book form in Munich inthe whole work not published within USSR until A stately, grey-haired lady, a white shawl draped about her shoulders, slowly rose to greet us.

The couple honeymooned in Paris, and there she met and befriended the Italian artist Amedeo Modigliani. Now she started out of the torpor common to us all and asked me in a whisper everyone whispered there: Nikolay Gumilev ; divorced Vladimir Shilejko ; divorced. That same year Lev was released from the camps, embittered, believing that his mother cared more about her poetry than for him and that she had not worked hard for his release.

Lev’s later arrest during the purges and terrors of the s was based on being his father’s son. Her family moved north to Tsarskoye Selonear St. Her friends died around her and others left in droves for safer havens in Europe and America, including Anrep, who escaped to England. The executions had a powerful effect on the Russian intelligentsia, destroying the acmeist poetry group, and placing a stigma on Akhmatova and her son Lev by Gumilev.

Akhmatova was able to meet some of her pre-revolutionary acquaintances inwhen she was allowed to travel to Sicily and Englandin order to receive the Taormina prize and an honorary doctoral degree from Oxford Universityaccompanied by her lifelong friend and secretary Lydia Chukovskaya. They looked to a past in which the future was “rotting”.


For long ahmztova she was in official disfavour and many of those who were close to her died in the aftermath of the revolution. A ghost, a thief or a rat Though my fingers are thin, still her thimble didn’t fit me.

Kunitz and Hayward pp. Gumilev encouraged her to write and pursued her intensely, making numerous marriage proposals starting in She was shortlisted for the Nobel Prize in [2] and received second-most three nominations for the award the following year. sna

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The poet read the play to ahmagova before burning it, and it is reported to concern the Kafkaesque imprisonment and trial of a woman poet, who does not why she has been interned, roundly condemning Stalin and the arbitrary nature of his purges. Akhmatova in portrait by Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin.

Oxford University Press Inc. InStalin approved the publication of one volume of poetry, From Six Books ; however, the collection was withdrawn and pulped after only a few months. Ahmatva of her close friends and family were exiled, imprisoned or shot; her son was under constant threat of arrest, she was often under close surveillance.

How long till execution? After being displayed in an open coffin, she was interred at Komarovo Cemetery in St.

Inthe Guild of Poets published her book of verse Evening Vecher — the first of five in nine years. Sand on the bottom whiter than chalk, and the air drunk, like wine, late sun lays bare the rosy limbs of the pinetrees. ahmtova

Anna Akhmatova – Wikipedia

She moved away from romantic themes towards a more diverse, complex and philosophical body of work and some of her more patriotic poems found their way to the front pages of Pravda. In Februarythe revolution started in Petersburg then named Petrograd ; soldiers fired on marching protestors, and others mutinied.

It promoted the idea of craft as the key to poetry rather than inspiration or mystery, taking themes of the concrete rather than the more ephemeral world of the Symbolists. Retrieved 14 November In she was visited by Robert Frost ; Isaiah Berlin tried to visit her again, but she refused him, worried that her son might be re-arrested due to family association with the ideologically suspect western philosopher.


Ana Ahmatova – Wikipedia

In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote Wikisource. The New York Times.

In Novgorod they had been a wealthier and more distinguished family. Akhmatova had a relationship with the mosaic artist and poet Boris Anrep ; many of her poems in the period are about him and he in turn created mosaics in which she is featured. Assessing the Russian poet and femme fatale” by Clive James5 February By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Thousands attended the two memorial ceremonies, held in Moscow and in Leningrad. A land not mine, still forever memorable, the waters of its ocean chill and fresh. This was mainly due to the secret nature of her work after the public and critical effusion over her first volumes. The girl herself as far as I recall did not foresee such a fate for them and used to hide the issues of the journals in which they were first published under the sofa cushions”.

Random House Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary. No one in my large family wrote poetry. Agranov’s guarantee proved to be meaningless. Her dacha in Komarovo was frequented by such poets as Yevgeny Rein and Joseph Brodskywhom she mentored. Her surveillance was increased and she was expelled from the Union of Soviet Writers. During the last years of her life she continued to live with the Punin family in Leningrad, still translating, researching Pushkin and writing her own poetry.

Vecher Evening 46 poems, 92 pages. She met a young poet, Nikolay Gumilevon Christmas Eve