You are here: Home · User Manuals · Inverters and Energy Recovery · Operating instruction; ACU Operating Instructions Frequency Inverter V / V. The safety instructions and information on use in this documentation must be Please note, that Bonfiglioli Vectron does not take any responsibility for the. 02/ Operating Instructions Agile. 3 Please note, that Bonfiglioli Vectron does not take any responsibility for the compatibility of external products (e.g.

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The acknowledgment sequence is based on the definitions according to CANopen. The parameter addressed must also exist in the system bus master. The assignment of the control signals to the available software functions can be adapted to the application in question.

Manuual communication channels are produced via this physical medium. Chapter 1 Safety Precautions Chapter 1: As a special feature, the properties of the CAN bus mean that the messages transmitted by one node can be received by a number of nodes simultaneously.

Identifier assignment according to the Predefined Connection Set: Attention must be paid to the fact that only one master for each SDO channel may exist in a system. Typical Conductor Cross Sections Parallel shaft Gearmotors F Series The table is available as a Microsoft Word document “vvk. After Bus-OFF, the system bus in the frequency inverter is completely reinitialized. As CAN does not possess a manua, but a message-oriented addressing via the identifiers, the logical channels can be displayed via it.

Repetition Frequency Input Otherwise, components may be damaged. Status Of Digital Signals A thermal sensor for the brake resistor protects the resistor from overheating.

From this time on, process data exchange via the PDO channels is activated. In addition to the digital control inputs available, further internal logistic signals are also available as sources.

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Operation mode 2- 66 Temp. Examination Before Installation 2. The theoretical change of sign of the reference value is taken into account manal leads to the tolerance band stated.

Don’t show me this message again. For the system bus, the PDO telegrams are firmly defined with 8 data bytes. The telegram contains two data bytes. Do not remove any warning signs from the device. Description Tolerance band Min.

There is a new boot-up message. The server is the node holding the data here the frequency inverterthe client the node requesting or wanting to alter the data PLC, PC or frequency inverter as system bus master. The emergency telegram marks the node ID for the identification of the failed node via its identifier and the existing fault message via its data contents 8 bytes.

Bonfiglioli has been designing and developing innovative and reliable power transmission and control solutions for industry, mobile machinery and renewable energy applications since Experienced users have complete access to all the existing sources and possible input links with the XPI file of the active functions. Otherwise, the inverter may be damaged due to the surge peak caused by the insertion or removal of power.

The Bonfiglioli Active Series contains flexible frequency inverters that are both versatile and easy to use.

Active Series : Bonfiglioli

Functions Of Sensorless Control Work may only be done on the device after a waiting period of some minutes until the DC link capacitors have been discharged. Wiring Diagram The grounding wire of the inverter must not be grounded together with other large current loads such as soldering machines or large current motors.


Two-channel speed sensor with recognition of direction of rotation via track signals A and B; four signal edges are evaluated per division mark. For parameter analog modethe additional operation mode 4 — abs.

Bonfiglioli act Manuals

To ensure this, the processing of the input links is derived from the setting. With this command, individual nodes or all the nodes can be started together. Power filters type FTV: Voltage Current Measurement The voltage and current measurement on the primary and secondary side of the inverter may be different due to instrumentation variations.

Page 17 EMI connections: Configuration – Sensorless Field-oriented Control Actual Value Memory All the setting parameters for the configuration of the system bus are not directly accessible for the user.

The setting is done in a frequency inverter defined as a system bus master via Boot-Up Delay In this way, access to the parameterization of the frequency inverters via a field bus connection on the master frequency inverter is possible.

Active Series

If the set holding time has expired, there is a fault message. The vectdon values of the characteristic points are relative to the maximum limits selected. The evaluation of four signal edges per mark is firmly defined in the function of speed sensor 2.

Control Inputs And Outputs Damaged or destroyed components may not be put into operation because they may be a health hazard. A Power Disconnect or Circuit breaker must be installed between the AC power supply and the inverter.

The SYNC telegram is generated by the system bus master and is a telegram without data.