The CF Development Kit is intended as a development platform for the Refer to the CF93x-CF92x data sheet for the differences between. Explore the latest datasheets, compare past datasheet revisions, and confirm part lifecycle. Buy SILICON LABS CFGQ online at Newark element Buy your Technical Datasheet: CFGQ Datasheet. See all Technical Docs. X. X.

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This pin c80511f930 the excitation driver for an external crystal or resonator. This pin is the external clock input in external CMOS clock mode.

Figure 9 shows the positions of the factory default shorting blocks.

C8051F930-GM 8051 8-bit Microcontroller

Figure 10 below is a screen shot of said analyzer with the correct configuration. Silicon Laboratories reserves the right to make changes without further notice and limitation to product information, specifications, and descriptions herein, and does not give warranties as to the accuracy or completeness of the included information.

Evaluation board datasheet Device datasheet.

What can reduce daatasheet supply current? Select the profile that most closely matches the target application or choose the “Custom Profile”. Continue adding files until all project files have been added.


The primary outputs of the Battery Life Estimator are an estimated system operating time and a simulated graph of battery voltage vs. This will allow the low power oscillator to be disabled when it is not being c8051f903 as the system clock. Once you c80551f930 completed the configuration changes to the microcontroller, you’ll have to add all the code to correctly configure the accelerometer.

The alarm and the lights will stay energized until the microcontroller is reset. Building and Downloading the Program for Debugging 1. Target Board Shorting Blocks: CD content includes the following:.

The capacitors are connected to P0. It is stopped high when CS is c8051f90 no transmission. The code is well commented. This pin can supply power to external devices when operating in single-cell battery mode.

This pin can only be used as GPIO. Right-click on the group name and choose Add file to group.

Initial response time for FA requests that meet this requirements will be three weeks. Source code examples and register definition files. Ordering Information Table 1. Be sure to have the accelerometer on a fairly level surface. In single-cell battery mode, this pin is typically not connected to ground. Quote of the day. This supply voltage is not required in low power sleep mode. This pin is the external oscillator return for a crystal or resonator. Copy your embed code and put on your site: Silicon Laboratories products shall under no circumstances be used in weapons dqtasheet mass destruction including but not limited to nuclear, biological or chemical weapons, or missiles datadheet of delivering such weapons.


CF Datasheet(PDF) – Silicon Laboratories

A In External Clock Input. The code excerpt below shows the necessary code changes. CFTB datasheet and specification datasheet Download datasheet. Keil is a registered trademark of ARM Limited. This is the Expected Known Good Die yielded per wafer and represents the batch order quantity one wafer.

Refer to the CF93x- CF92x data sheet for more information on the use of external oscillators. Prev Next CF D.