Download Latest Version clonezilla-livewily-amdiso ( MB) Get is a reference document that shows the basic uses of Clonezilla Live. Its name is following the pattern. H French, select pc/azerty/French/Same as X11 (latin 9)/Standard). 4. Learn how to use the open source Clonezilla Live cloning software to Several methods, manual and automatic, are generally available to.

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If it did not find something usable, the normal scan for block devices is performed. The contents of prep-lsi.

The SystemRescueCd init script must then be aware that its sysrcd. As a full virtualization solution, the virtual machine monitors VMMs running on the hypervisor provide the virtual machines with all the available types of hardware resources, including the virtual BIOS, virtual memory, virtual SCSI controller, virtual network card, etc. It’s also possible to specify a partition using its filesystem label or filesystem uuid. The kernel is loaded by Isolinux the CD boot managerwhich is able to pass a number of parameters to it, through its configuration file isolinux.

We can accept the default values in Listing 3. After the boot process, the connection is required the access to the root system.

Display 0 is reserved for X.


You must be careful not to change or remove the parameters that are dedicated to the CD itself, as altering them will certainty make it unbootable. The third stage of the PXE boot process acquires the root files system.

During the process, select the operating system version that matches the cloned one from the physical server. As a consequence computers with less than MB of memory won’t be able to boot this way.


Thanks to two concepts driving the data center today—economy and green computing—server virtualization is a hot topic in the IT world and a lot of hardware and software vendors are offering solutions. Make sure that the host environment complies with the VMware Server and guest operating system requirements and limitations.

Hardware, drivers and troubleshooting options dodebug: To achieve this, use -j0 use dd to create partition table and -t1 client restores the prebuilt MBR from syslinux. The file system is loaded into memory.

Next, choose whether to use a GUI-based backup and restore wizard or a Debian shell for advanced access and operation.

This option causes live-initramfs to reboot without attempting to eject the media and without asking the user to remove the boot media. In our case, each CD SystemRescueCD and Clonezilla Live accept a different set of parameters, because they are based on gentoo and debianrespectively. After it’s done and the server boots up, transfer the image directory from the physical server to the place you will use as the restoration source for the virtual machine.

This is easier for you to debug. The the system continues to work if the network is disconnected after the boot process. It’s important to understand that the path of the ISO image may be different from the path on your linux system. Clonezilla Live uses such existing tools as Partition Image, ntfsclonepartcloneand dd to clone the partition or disk.

Also, you have to create a virtual disk equal to or larger in size than the partition where the original cloned system resides; Clonezilla does not support restoring an image from a larger hard disk or partition to a smaller one. You can choose to save or restore the whole local disk or an individual partition. This results in shorter boot times.


See also live-snapshot 1initramfs-tools 8live-helper 7live-initscripts 7live-webhelper 7 Bugs Report bugs against live-initramfs http: In our case, we will clone the system partition and save it onto another partition within the same hard disk.

Using the timezone parameter, you can set it to your local zone, e.

Clonezilla Live Doc

Computers with smaller memory won’t be able to boot this way. This option replaces the option noxdetect that was useful in previous ffench.

This is required when you boot an USB device. Well, this is not exactly true, and it is not the only thing that happens during boot up phase, but it is not my intension to explain it here.

To restore the image under the Clonezilla Live shell, you have to be logged in as root. If you want to assing eth0 with IP address This parameter disables the creation of the default user completely.

Migrate to a virtual Linux environment with Clonezilla

Network configuration and remote access nonm: If you have static filesystems on your harddisk and you want them to be checked at boot time, use this parameter, otherwise they are skipped. Several methods, manual and automatic, are generally available to facilitate P2V migration. Some file systems do not support files larger than 2GB, so there is an option to set the maximum file size by splitting the image into multiple volume files.

Sets dofumentation path to the live filesystem on the medium.