In these pages Mouni Sadhu, the author of such well-known books as Samadhi 10 Concentration Contents PREFACE – page 9 PART I INTRODUCTION 1. Mouni Sadhu (17 August – 24 December ) was the nom de plume of Mieczyslaw . In his preface to Concentration Mouni Sadhu introduces the reader to the works of Yogi Ramacharaka and Yoga, stating: ‘More than half a century. Meditation Mouni Sadhu Concentration a Guide to Mental Masteryfixed – Download as Text File .txt), PDF File .pdf) or read online.

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Vincent de Paul Monastery Rue de Sevres. Men desire and strive after many things believing that the possession of them will bring happiness.

Mouni Sadhu

In a letter to Thomas Merton inhumbly requesting him as a spiritual brother, to consider writing a Foreword to a planned book of his to be published as Contemplation: In the clear understanding that: The method adopted here is based on a strict grading of sequence of the student’s steps.

She worked as a commercial artist as well as sculpting in clay, copper, leather and other media. Later on, the process may become much faster, as your experience grows and with it—your will-power. Return to Book Page. I would think of what my last few distractions were and try to avoid those types, and other such thoughts, which was clearly the wrong approach.

Mouni Sadhu – Wikipedia

Now look closely at the functions of your mind-brain. But one thing is of overwhelming value for the student: Too often the interests of both—man and his mind—are opposed.

This has been done deliberately in order to help the earnest student to first lay a solid basis for his work and to understand why, how and under which conditions he may study concentration and what can be expected from it. Why not ask your mind here and now, Which of You is Boss? Concentratiin page was last edited on 9 Aprilclncentration If we carefully analyse their lives and methods of attainment, we will undoubtedly recognize that the one thing which distinguishes them from average men is their conscious, one-pointed and intensely concentrated lives, wholly dedicated to an idea, which they believe to be their highest.

She and her husband moved to Australia inspending most of the rest of her life in Melbourne. One of the things I realized I was doing wrong was attempting to control the mind by using the mind.


But the degree of concentration needed for such a lofty goal is infinitely greater concejtration that required for Raja- or Mantra-Yoga. It slowly got worse and worse until it peaked yesterday. And those who approach the Infinite Lord by their concentratin, devoid of egoism and greed, will also find what they are seeking.

Full text of “Concentration By Mouni Sadhu”

When stricken by disease, the great saints do not usually seek a cure, for they have practical knowledge of the source of suffering and infirmity and their meaning. And not everyone is able or concentrtion to develop the dangerous ability, so that more bungling than real magic is the outcome. Also, I forgot to mention in my last post what my current progress is. Did these exercises of physical endurance bring any real ability, or were they concentrztion temporary stimulants and conditioning of outer circumstances?

Prior to that, “At 25 years of age, Theosophy attracted my attention.

Concentration: A Guide to Mental Mastery

Another cause of failure is the lack of essential explanatory material, which must introduce the reader into another sphere where he can operate under new conditions and need techniques of thinking. Anyway, speaking practically, the lack of all these vices and imperfections is the best help a man can have, and the presence of virtues is the most favourable of conditions.

It was a realization which lead to a deep understanding that changed my perception. Later you are given the reverse of this; for if a result of Samadhi i. There is no room here nor purpose in enumerating many of them, so I shall limit the examples to one which is the most striking because of its superb simplicity, authenticity and modesty, so typical of the Christian saints of the highest order.

At the present time the terms ‘occultism’ and ‘occult psychology’, ‘initiations’, and so on, are sadu well known to most intellectuals. Many people have studied and reached great ability in performing asanas and the artificial methods of rhythmical breathing and retention of breath, and despite all this they died without reaching any worth-while mind control, let alone Samadhi. And often, some of them cherish the belief that the comcentration fact of belonging to different ‘occult and initiatory’ organizations, puts them in a better position to grasp the ripe fruit of success which they imagine will fall into their hands without too much toil from their side.


So obviously it would be a cycle of failure followed by frustration getting me nowhere. This is likened to that little hyperactive dog being on a leash with a lot of slack. The difficulty of ruling our mind comes just from complicated thinking, which prevents every attempt at one-pointedness. Perhaps the definition of occult as given in Wikipedia best describes Mouni Cnocentration conception also:.

The proper employment of the mind is our first aim. Sometimes unusual odours in our rooms can produce a particular kind of dream. Mouni Sadhu Books Mouni Sadhu published at least 9 books between and In the chapter ‘A Wish Fulfilled’ of ‘In Days of Great Peace’, Mouni Sadhu looks back on his life as a young man; “Many years ago, under the sky of far-off country of Europe, in the third year of the terrible conflagration of the first World War, a young man in military uniform was sitting on the platform of a small railway station waiting for his train.

He taught an almost direct combination of Raja and Mantra Asdhu to his pupil-monks. Moving along, the way in which I was able to overcome the difficulty I was having was by focusing my attention on a photo of Sri Ramana Maharshi, specifically this one: In this course you will find, apart from the 41 Concentration Eastern Methods or Yoga Mind before Heart explanatory sections which concenyration by no means less decisive than the exercises, for final successa complete series of practical activities, some of which are apparently very similar to yogic ones.

But it is not easy to find the most important and essential advice which concerns the practical answers to the unavoidable questions ‘How? And this side of things is often overlooked by second-class teachers of Yoga. Simply because they do not believe in the old myth of their ego-personality.