If a crystal report do not need any parameter or, if parameters can be supplied using code-behind (without user help), I am able to render a pdf. Greetings, See if the following solution helps. It mentions an incorrect version of the engin being installed and suggest it be uninstalled so a. I have a application that uses the crystal report viewer control. It displays all of my reports but all of a sudden it started giving me.

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This is a deal breaker in our case. Than make clone of that folder and rename v4. We are not crystalreportviewr to force the users to change compatibility mode. Member 4-Aug I browsed to the application and once again, the crystal report viewer would not work. This allowed us to have a visible progress on report generation, especially those that ran for a minute or greater via our stored procedures.

Sign up using Email and Password. Shawn de Wet 3, 2 37 Then we would open a form with a CrystalReportViewer control in the background. Email Required, but never shown.

CrystalReportViewer AfterRender Event?

You cystalreportviewer be able to avoid this by creating all of the necessary folders and sub folders, then copying over each file into your web application project on your development machine, in order to include them in your published, complied web application. Understand that English isn’t everyone’s first language so be lenient of bad spelling and grammar. When you are adding Ajax Toolkit components to your website, like DLLs and the actual controls and it compiles ok but when you render the page you get no action and a javascript error.


Please advise as to what I am missing in the asp. I never had to worry about this issue again.

CrystalReportViewer AfterRender Event?

Has crystal addressed this? Unfortunately, this modification did not resolve the javascript error, nor did it help with my crystal reports viewer issue. Insults are not welcome.

Archived discussions are read-only.

Crystal Report Viewer Control – Render direct to PDF? | The Forums

View more on this topic or Ask a question. Open the the page that the empty report renders from your browser.

Chances are they have and don’t get it. I did it a little differently this time, though. I should note that I only see the javascript error when browsing the web application from IIS via the browse option.

Worked for me too. RefreshReport ; However, no matter what report I load, it displays as follows: Read the question carefully. Sorry, anyway, here’s all I did: Thanks a lot sir u saved my job thank u very much.

To resolve it, you need to add references at httpHandlers section in web. When I use the exact same logic in a WinForms app to populate a Crystalreportvieaer there, the report displays as expected.


I have deployed this exact same web application to other servers including Windows Server without a hitch. Apparently, Crystal Reports 10 has no event that fires once a report has finished rendering.

After a lot of headaches, I was able to resolve this issue. NET broke this. NET to VS. Crystal Reports not rendering when webpage is served outside of network.

Still If you have a problem with this issue: Some other forum threads suggested changing your web. We just migrated our application from VS. Let’s work to help developers, not make them feel stupid. How I understand it is the crystal report viewer is dependent upon the runtime engine installation files for.

When answering a question please: Daniel Pel Aug 1: Post as a guest Name. Thankyou so much for sharing this kind of solution. I do not get rrnder exception, it just doesn’t render. I chose framework 4 integrated application pool, btw. I assume this would work with a web application that was created from a virtual directory as well, just paste it into the virtual directory.

Apparently as soon as CrystalReportViewer.