EE DATA STRUCTURES AND ALGORITHMS TWO MARK QUESTIONS WITH ANSWERS ANNA UNIVERSITY QUESTION BANK. Sign in. Main menu. EE Data Structures and Algorithms – 2 MARKS. Instructions: 1. CLICK HERE to view the document online. 2. CLICK HERE to Download. EE DATA STRUCTURES AND ALGORITHM (Common to EEE, EIE & ICE) UNIT I LINEAR STRUCTURES Abstract Data Types (ADT) List ADT array-based .

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Arrays Any component of the array can be inspected ad updated by using its index. Advantages of Circular Linked List It allows to traverse the list starting at any point.

Fifty Shades of Grey. In a B-tree each node may contain a large number of keys. Various operations performed on List.

This may violate the heap order property, which can be fixed by percolate up. Chapter 7 The Stack In this daata we examine what is arguably the most important abstract data type in computer science, the stack. CmSc Intro to Algorithms Chapter 6. Special Cases of Deletion We do, however, have to be careful about the end cases: What are the applications of binary tree?


To link the new node, after a given node, in a singly linked list, we need to change two pointers: IsEmpty s pop s.

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The tree is restored to an AVL tree by using a rotation. The abstraction that models hierarchical More information. What are the different types of traversing? Basic Steps in Query Processing Chapter This method is used to find out if a problem of this sort has been already solved and to adopt a similar method in solving the problem.

Mention how similarities among the problems are used in problem solving? Definitions A multiway tree of order m is an ordered tree where each node has at most m children. The folding method d. Algorithm is a solution algorithmd a problem independent of programming language.

Insertion and deletion operations are easily performed using linked list. Fleming 1 2 Foreword First of all, this book isn t really for dummies. What is a stack? A path in a diagram in which the edges are distinct is called a simple path. Even a guess can take us to the starting of the problem.


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What is working backward from the solution? Maintaining a Sorted Collection of Data A data dictionary. Laser Guided Door Opener. For each data structure listed below, make sure you can do the following: Linear Search The linear search approach compares the algorrithms value with each element ztructures the array. If the problem is not understood, then the solution will not be correct and it may result in wastage of time and effort.

The following themes form the major topics of this chapter: Email Presentation to Friend. Neural Network-Based Algorithms vs.

To perform a FindMax, start at the root and go right as long as there is a right child. Write structure procedure for polynomial differentiation.