Vortex Puzzle Solution – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Vortex Puzzle the ‘VORTEX¨ piece to the hollow oI the ‘HANAYAMA¨ piece. piece to the hollow of the “VORTEX” piece. 9. Now, move the “HANAYAMA” piece to where it isn’t in the way. The top end of the “VORTEX” piece is clear of. Puzzle Master Cast Vortex puzzle is very popular among the puzzler community. Request the FREE solution for this item! I actually like this puzzle better than all of Hanayama level 6 puzzles with the exception of “Enigma” which is the true.

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I managed to disassemble it. Contact me using my contact page and I’ll try and help. Hanayama Metal PuzzlesAkio Yamamoto. Nothing I could do would release them from each other. I was able to get it apart, and once all the way back together.

On Thursday April 7th vvigh wrote. On Tuesday December 23rd Rhianna wrote.

After about 10 minutes of pushing and pulling there was a clank and all three pieces moved at the same time and became very loose. Here I got stuck! That’s good soluyion for money!

Puzzle Master makes every attempt ganayama keep these posts informative and relevant. I would like to meet Mr Yamamoto, either to shake his hand or wring his neck, I am not sure which!!!


Overall this is a tremendously hanayamz cast puzzle – it is very rewarding to play with once you have memorised the technique. On Wednesday December 24th Kevin wrote. It is a truly difficult puzzle and not for the faint-hearted.

Solve the Rubik’s Cube faster with shortcuts How To: I only solved solutiob 2 weeks ago, though! As long as no force was used to get it into that position then it should be possible to undo what you have done. Anonymous 30 December at Home About me New additions Picture gallery Contact me.

PuzzleMad: Hanayama Cast Vortex

Share Your Thoughts Click to share your thoughts. I panicked and thought that was it solved and Hanayamw had no real idea what I had done, so I quickly reset it and worked out what move was required to get it started. Hanayama’s level 1 is equivalent to our level I had not been systematic, only jingly!

They are subtly different from each other when you look at their notches and protuberances.

Cast Vortex

Wednesday, 30 November Hanayama Cast Vortex. On Wednesday November 26th Brian wrote. Kevin 30 December at Kevin 27 December at I could disassemble hanayamaa but now I’m trying to reassemble it and I seem to be stuck without being able to go back. In order to undo this complex entanglement it will vorfex necessary to unbind them three dimensionally. I just hope that a guest doesn’t fiddle with it and change it from it’s boxed finished position.


It sits there, unwrapped, taunting me.

Antilles guilder – approx. I gave up again.

I find walking away from a puzzle that is frustrating me can be quite helpful. Looking for reassurance I guess: In order to undo this complex entanglement it will be necessary to unbind them three dimensionally. This explains the AY engraved on one of the pieces. Finally, when I thought I had run out of ideas, I tried one other rather improbable move and all of a sudden I had them all linked in a linear chain. I know it should be possible, but I’ve tried hours and hours and cannot move away from that position!

Kevin 17 April at From here it is a snip to unlink them: This has been rated by Hanayama as a level 5 out of 6 and by Puzzle Master as a level 9 Gruelling out of 10 and I absolutely agree with the “gruelling” description. Riccardo 9 January at